We are Torc Solicitors,
based in Killarney, Co. Kerry

Aiming to achieve a consistently high level of performance in the practice of law through our client focused approach.


Torc Solicitors

We do our utmost to achieve the best results for our clients and at all times we remain committed to our clients’ needs. We have invested in the best and most up to date Case Management and Practice Management Software to provide you with the highest standards in professional legal services.

We strive to provide accurate, prompt legal advice which represents good value for money. We are committed to the use of plain English, free of legal jargon and will advise our clients of progress. It is our belief that you are entitled to professional advice provided in a friendly and efficient manner.

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Why Torc Solicitors?

We aim to be transparent about costs from the start of the transaction, to itemise them and to keep you fully informed of any extra costs that may arise as soon as we are aware of them. We will also provide you with a statement of account once the matter is completed so you will have a detailed record of the transaction.

We recognise that it can be difficult for people to visit their solicitors during office hours because of work or family commitments. We will endeavour to accommodate you with flexible consultation hours for signing documents or to discuss matters and arranging appointments to suit you.

Linda Gordon-Kelleher
Founder of Torc Solicitors

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